Polo was established at Yale in 1903

Polo was established at Yale in 1903

Yale College Team 2017-2018

Yale College Team 2017-2018



...and now: Atlantic Cup 2019

...and now: Atlantic Cup 2019

The Yale Polo Armory closed in 2009

The Yale Polo Armory closed in 2009

In 2015, Yale Polo found a new home!

In 2015, Yale Polo found a new home!


Help us continue to provide a quality polo experience for players of all levels!

The Yale Polo and Equestrian Center: Independent Stewards of the Legacy

Yale University no longer provides horses, stables, arena access, or coaching staff for the students that continue to represent it at intercollegiate and international competitions. As a club sport, Polo receives only minimal support from the University.


When the University shuttered the stables at the Yale Armory in 2009, an independent 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, Yale Polo and Equestrian Center (YPEC), was formed to oversee operations and to manage the resources necessary to field a collegiate team. Allowing the team to continue uninterrupted, YPEC initially rented a practice facility and stabling in Bethany, CT. For five years, YPEC maintained a balanced operating budget through program fees, horse leasing revenue and the support of volunteers. Much of the initial success was due to a generous benefactor whose contribution of high goal horses, a truck, trailer and equipment has secured the foundation upon which we seek to build.


In January 2015, YPEC purchased a permanent facility for the Yale Polo Club with generous support from donors and alumni. This purchase marked the end of a five-year search for the resources necessary to establish a permanent home for Yale Polo. Today, this facility houses not only the intercollegiate program, but also community programs for youth and adults in New Haven and the surrounding community. Donor support also enables us to endow a full time Coach and Manager, Patrick Marinelli, who oversees horse care, teaches lessons, coaches the teams and supports fundraising. We continue to rely on the support of donors to improve the program for our players and ponies, and we hope you will join us in supporting this wonderful sport that we all love so much.


Yale Polo accepts and welcomes donations of horses, equipment, vehicles, etc. Please contact Liz Brayboy for more information. 



For cash donations, please use the PayPal button above to donate directly to YPEC. If you are interested in mailing a check, please contact Liz Brayboy. Either way, be sure to include your address, phone number, and email for tax purposes!



Yale Polo has a brokerage account for stock donations. Please contact Liz Brayboy for more information. 



This might include hosting students for an event, offering a clinic/training, hosting a dinner of alumni in your area, etc. We are particularly grateful for any and all time donations. Please contact Liz Brayboy for information and support.

Yale Polo is a 501(c)(3) and all contributions are tax-deductible.


Why Help?

Good for Yale – Good for Polo

When asked by the United States Polo Association (USPA) to rate the ten areas of focus of the Polo 2020 Plan, members responding to the comprehensive survey indicated that New Player Recruitment and Skill Development should be given the highest priority, followed closely by their endorsement of Facilities Development as a second priority. The future of the sport in the United States depends on recruiting players and as is reflected in the USPA Vision 2020 Plan, “[Intercollegiate] is a great launching pad for bringing players into the sport.”


At Yale, the collegiate program continues to grow, with more than 30 undergraduate and graduate students participating in beginner lessons, competing teams and practice chukkers. YPEC has been able to maintain student dues at an affordable level, while still operating in the black. Annual gifts, Polo Development Initiative grants and student program funding from the USPA have allowed the team to purchase much needed equipment and allowed YPEC to support the expansion of the club program (for adults and local community players) at the same time.




Liz Brayboy

Program Manager & Board Member, Yale Polo and Equestrian Center


Thank you for supporting the future of polo at Yale!

♘ Lux et Veritas et Equus 

Yale Polo and Equestrian Center

79 Rainbow Road

Bethany, CT 06524

(203) 393 0100


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