Patrick Marinelli - Headshot.jpg

Patrick Marinelli

Yale Polo Head Coach and Manager

Patrick grew up in Massachusetts and learned polo at Shallowbrook Equestrian Center, competing with their interscholastic team.  He graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, playing for the collegiate program there.  After leaving UConn, he worked at a number of polo clubs across the country, eventually landing back in Connecticut at the newly energized Farmington Polo Club.  He served as a Polo Instructor and Barn Manager, while also coaching the University of Connecticut collegiate teams during the academic year. Patrick joined Yale Polo in January 2019 as the Head Coach and Manager.


Liz Brayboy

Alumni Advisor

YPEC Board Member 

Liz is a Yale College alumna (SY 1984) and received her MBA from Columbia Business School. She works as an independent consultant (2003-2013) after having worked for Deloitte Consulting for 10 years (1993-2003). She is married, with one horse and two cats.


Liz’s polo experience includes:

  • Undergraduate Manager — Yale Polo program, 1981-1984

  • Coach — Garrison Forest Polo, 1984-1985

  • Interscholastic Instructor — Yale Polo, 2003-2013

  • Beginner Lesson Instructor — Yale Polo, 2009-2013

  • Alumni Adviser/Manager — Yale Polo, 2009-2013

  • USPA Rated Player (0-goal — Outdoor, 1-goal — Arena)

  • Certified Umpire

Jim DeAngelis

Former Intercollegiate Team Coach

Jim is a UConn alumnus and received his MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. He serves a the Chief Financial and Operating Officer for  Verus Financial LLC.  He is married to Julie, with two children, Sophia and Phillip.


Jim’s polo experience includes:

  • Coach — Yale Intercollegiate Team, 12 years

  • Nationally Rater Player (2-goal — Outdoor, 5-goal — Arena)

  • “A” Rated Nationally Certified Indoor Polo Umpire

  • “BB” Nationally Certified Outdoor Polo Umpire

Taylor Lewis


Taylor has been involved with the program since 2003 when she began taking polo lessons with Liz. She played as part of the Yale Girls' Interscholastic Team from 2004-2008 and worked at the Armory through its closure in 2009. Taylor graduated from Southern Connecticut State University in 2012 and now works as an accountant. She volunteers with the program and is also a certified umpire. Taylor officiates the majority of our intercollegiate and interscholastic games.